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Professional Viral Warts Removal Treatment

EMB Medical provides safe and effective CO2 Laser warts removal solutions. All treatments are done by professional full time doctor.

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Viral warts are common contagious skin disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) that is usually transmitted through physical contact between people or objects. The virus causes infected cell growth on the surface of the skin. This can also be appeared on epidermal cells or mucous membranes on any parts of the body.  It will not only affect your own appearance, but also family members and friends.

Common Warts: 

Flat Warts

Commonly found on the surface of the face and neck. The size is relatively small and slightly protruding with skin colour but it is difficult to be detected. It is best to find a doctor for examination.

Common Warts

It grows on the surface of the skin, causing uneven and rough skin surface with black spots caused by bleeding. It is commonly found in adults and children.

Plantar Warts

It grows on the soles of feet and is easily confused with corns. Patients may feel pain when standing or walking. As it grows deep into the skin, the removal process is complicated.  It should be removed by a professional doctor as soon as possible.


One-Stop Professional
Viral Warts Removal Treatment

Our professional team can help you remove the viral warts safely.

  • Treatments are done by professional doctors with thorough medical examination and detailed explanation

  • Removal of warts safely with surgical-grade CO2 laser technology

  • Comparatively less invasive, fast recovery, less complications

Top grade international equipment

 Led by professional doctors

   Wide range of medical skin solutions


Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is one of the common chronic skin conditions that is often mistaken for skin allergies, acne, or eczema. Rosacea requires early treatment to avoid problems such as facial erythema, papules, or pustules.


Scar Treatments

Scar may appear during or after skin healing process, such as acne pits, post-surgery scars, and post-injury scars. In addition to scars, it may also come with pigmentation and vascular growth. The use of combo laser treatment, in combination with scar injections, can effectively improve scars.


Skin Haemangioma, skin vascular tumour

Skin haemangioma and skin vascular tumour are the proliferation of blood vessels of the skin. They will not only affect appearance, but also easily bleed and difficult to stop the bleeding.


Comprehensive Acne Treatment

Acne is folliculitis that is caused by bacterial infection and blocked follicles. Ance is common in adolescents or people with excess sebum secretion. Early treatment with medicine can treat ance effectively. It reduces the chance of recurrence and avoids scarring.

Consultation with EMB professional doctors for warts removal and skin diseases


Make an appointment with our professional doctors for thorough skin examination and treatment solutions



For first time visit, HK$100 is needed for skin examination by doctor and facilities charge. No extra or additional charge is required.

Upon completion of skin examination and consultation, customers need to pay any treatment or medicine fee as commended. Customers can decide whether to continue the treatment or not.


After submitting the booking form, please pay HK$100 through FPS and send a screenshot to WhatsApp number 5495 2228. We will confirm the appointment with you within office hours and arrange a consultation session.

If payment cannot be made via FPS, please contact us at 5495 2228 for alternative payment arrangements.


FPS Merchant Code: 0951939

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The above offer is applicable to EMB Medical and can only be purchased by new customers over the age of 18.

  2. If you want to enjoy the above offer, you must first present your identity document (HKID) to register as a member of EMB Medical.

  3. Before commencement of any treatment, client should understand and agree with the terms and conditions provided by EMB Medical.

  4. EMB Medical reserves the right to withdraw, amend the contents of the above offer without prior notice.

  5. In case of any disputes, EMB Medical reserves the right of final decision.

Thank you and we will contact you soon.

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